Towel - Treatment Table Head Cover

Slate Grey

ABOUT: This lightweight header towel is designed to be used for your clients comfort and reassurance of your hygiene protocols. The towel is created with a polo style collar that tucks into the head hole which provides additional protection for your treatment bed around the head hole. This is a lightweight slim towel designed to be used as a super soft top layer over other towels.

  • Dual texture fabric with SupremeSoft fabric on one side with absorbent towelling on the other side 
  • Absorbs 65% less oil than traditional towelling 
  • Comes with head hole and built in collar for hygiene to protect the bed from oils
  • Lightweight and Fast Drying
  • This product is designed for use with any terry towel used as a base layer
  • Available in White, Slate Grey and Pebble 

SIZE: 50cm x 100cm (300gsm)

MATERIAL: A blend of cotton and polyester

MOQ: 10

COMPANY BASED IN: United Kingdom

COUNTRIES SHIPPED TO: United Kingdom and Europe