May 30, 2023 2 min read


What is the Green Claims code?

On the 20th September the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published a Green Claims Code a new anti-greenwash guide for all brands making environmental claims, due too discovering that 40% of ‘green’ claims could be misleading consumers. The Code is also intended to protect businesses from unfair competition and ensure a level playing field. The CMA has given brands until the New Year to make sure their environmental claims comply with the law.

On 29 September, the CMA also launched a public Consultation, to help inform its advice to government on how competition and consumer regimes can better support the UK’s Net Zero and sustainability goals. The consultation runs until 10 November 2021.

Who needs to take the Green Claims Code into account?

Any company which puts forward claims of positive environmental impact in relation to its products or services. It is particularly important for businesses involved in textiles and fashion, travel and transport, and fast-moving consumer goods because the CMA has flagged these industries as priorities. These are the sectors where consumers appear to be most concerned about misleading claims. 

The purpose of the Code is to help businesses understand and comply with their existing obligations under consumer protection law when making environmental claims. The Green Claims Code is broad and applies to all commercial practices, including advertisements, product labelling, packaging, and even product names

The things brands must do to comply with the ‘Green Claims Code’

Green claims must:

  1. Claims must be truthful and accurate.
  1. Claims must be clear and unambiguous.
  1. Claims must not omit or hide important information.
  1. Claims must only make fair and meaningful comparisons.
  1. Claims must consider the full life cycle of the product.
  1. Claims must be substantiated.

Beyond Bamboo Statement Policy 

All businesses joining Beyond Bamboo must comply with our onboarding declaration form and supply us with evidence of accreditations or certification to back their claims.

We will disable from our platform any business that would appear to breach the ‘Green Claims Code’ whilst supported evidence to the contrary is provided. If deemed necessary we will delete the account and pass our findings to the (CMA) for further investigation.